These puppies are from working lines. These are not family pets. They are bred too often too many lines.

I bought one from this person and a friend bought one too. From diffrent litters. Both dogs had health issues. Mine also became aggressive and was terrible with kids.

Acted like a working Husky. Which are not pets.

BEWARE. This backyard breeder, does not stand behind the health and quality of thier dogs. Ive had Huskys for over 20 years, and these dogs are a mixed breed, to call them Alaskan Husky is not true, or accurate in any way.

Puppy Mills are rampant in this area. BEWARE OF THESE FERNIE BREEDERS. Get yourself a healthy, Well Bred Husky for 3 to 400 dollars? Use Your Head.

Not making enough money off the dogsled business, or tours. Breed and sell off your mixed, inbred, unhealthy animals to unknowing families. SHAME ON YOU!